We're chopping up the price tag into bite-size, credit card-free payments, so you can easily buy what you love today.

Our Story

ChopNow came about from a shared dream to make it easier for people to turn their shopping wishlist into reality. We agreed that by splitting the purchase price into custom instalment plans, waiving the need for a credit card, and simplifying the transaction process, we would be able to create a delightful and inclusive shopping experience for all.

Flexible payments everywhere

Our Mission

To provide an alternative payment gateway that promises a contemporary, inclusive, and enjoyable approach to financing one’s purchases. ChopNow aims to provide holistic yet innovative financial solutions through digital innovation, operational efficiency, and service excellence.

Our Mission
Flexible payments everywhere

Our Vision

At ChopNow, we want to create an empowering and delightful shopping experience by providing shoppers with modern yet accessible financial services, without the need for credit or debit cards.

We want to support the community by offering an innovative yet inclusive payment gateway that facilitates their journey toward achieving their personal milestones.

Everyone can afford what they need.

Our Vision
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